About Me

My Story

Born and raised in the era of massive information technology boom has sparked already in my youth huge interest for exploring new promising fields of self-realization in which I could fulfill my potential.

Eagerness to learn and discover more fueled my studies as well as my personal growth, resulting in the enthusiasm for data protection and network security.

The business opportunities that extensive German market offers in the sphere of information technologies have convinced me years ago to dive in and seek the journey of a successful IT consultant.

My Mission & Vision

My primary focus is to provide high quality IT services utilizing broad spectrum of acquired skills and know-how. Experience of over 20 years in IT generally with more than 10 years in IT network security for diverse medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as the concerns, rounds up my profile and qualifies me to deliver top-class results. 

Satisfied customer and his increased level of network security represent a motivation that pushes me forward to accept new projects and stand up to new challenges.

My Certifications

Information technologies evolve dynamically and this fact that will certainly not change anytime soon. To avoid the stagnation, I consistently work on my expertise level in order to intensify my value and asset to the existing and also new clients.


Acquired Certifications: